Diary of a Detox: Taste Bud Super Powers & Keen-Wah!

Starting my day waking up to hot water with lemon and feeling instantly energized; ending my day in a soothing and relaxing mineral lavender bath soak in my big clawfoot tub was amazing.  I looked forward to both each day, now to nourish myself and my husband with food we enjoyed that was dairy, meat, and gluten-free (and no caffeine or alcohol don’t forget) during the hours in between.  I had a pantry full of protein rich quinoa (Keen-wah, sounds like it should be in cartoon super hero fight scene caption), lentils, and beans (detox gave me a chance to put a dent in the stockpile) and a fridge full of freshy herbs, vegetables, and fruit……let the freshy fresh creations begin!

My favorites from the week were Lentil and Kale Detox Dal, Colorful Quinoa Salad, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo (both homemade), and Thai Basil & Shitake Stir fry.  These were so delicious they will be incorporated into my recipe repertoire.  By the third day of eating this fresh and nourishing way I felt the positive effects of improved digestion, more energy, a feeling of lightness in my gut and my body, brighter complexion, reduced appetite, greater satiation, and the most surprising to me was a heightened sense of taste.  It was like my taste buds had super powers!  Once I experienced these effects and how amazing I felt I knew this detox was a great idea and likely a practice I will repeat.  Honestly I enjoyed these dishes and the others I created so much that I didn’t feel deprived but energized to incorporate more quinoa and lentils in my diet.  My husband was over quinoa and lentils by the end of the week, but that’s ok too.  Give one of these recipes a try, nice way to get acquainted  with quinoa.

Detox Dal

Detox Dal

Detox Dal

1 cup lentils (if you are using dry they will need to be rinsed and soaked overnight)

1/2 c onion, chopped

1-2 clove garlic, minced

1-2 teaspoons coconut oil (alternatively: ghee, safflower or peanut oil)

1 scant teaspoon Garam Masala (or 1 pinch each: turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, cumin)

1 carrot, quartered and chopped

1 red pepper (any color would work)

1 cup kale, stalks removed, leaves torn into bits

2 cups vegetable broth (I LOVE Rapunzel VeganVegetable Bouillon with Sea Salt & Herbs)

Tamari to taste

Fresh chopped cilantro and scallions to garnish

Prepared Quinoa 

Rinse lentils and drain.  Melt coconut oil over medium heat.  Sprinkle in spices and saute one minute.  Add onion and cook a few minutes until it softens.  Stir in lentils until thoroughly coated.  Add carrot, pepper, kale and cook a moment. Turn heat to high and add vegetable broth.  Bring to a boil, then cover and turn heat to low.  Cook 20-25 minutes.  Season with Tamari to taste.  Serve over quinoa garnished with fresh chopped cilantro and scallions.

*I don’t measure when I cook, but I did measure the Garam Masala because it is not a spice I use a lot. It is tasty!  I used more veg than listed too, you can eyeball it.  I am a huge fan of cast iron and I am convinced that is what took this dish to the next level (coupled with that amazing veg stock), but you need one of the really big deep skillets.

Fresh & Delish

Fresh & Delish Colorful Quinoa Salad

Colorful Quinoa Salad

Bowl of prepared quinoa (pick a color: red, black, tan.  I used red)


Handful of halved purple grapes

1 orange, peeled, sectioned, cut

1 cucumber, peeled and chopped

1 orange pepper, seeded and chopped

Handful of fresh chopped cilantro and parsley

Dressing optional & to taste – I used a splash of toasted sesame oil and wild cherry balsamic vinegar

**this salad has amazing flavors with the fresh fruit, veg, and herbs.  Apples and pears would also be good, use what you have.

Diary of a Detox: Second Thoughts & Sunny Lemons

A good friend and fellow yogi recently asked me if I would be interested in doing a Spring detox with her, I quickly fired back a yes and then immediately began to have second thoughts, my mind telling me this was a bad idea.  I read a few articles online and found I was not alone in my post yes panic and learned there really is no perfect time to detox, every detox is different, you do get to eat, and everyone has a different experience and what you learn during the process is what you are suppose to take away.  Armed with this knowledge I felt much more comfortable and confident in my choice to remove meat, dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet for five days(and my husbands diet too, he agreed to give it a go).  Now, I love to eat and I love food so I had already made up my mind I was going to find recipes that would still please my palate.

We had already incorporated the first step into our daily routine weeks before, starting the day with hot water with lemon.  I HIGHLY recommend this practice and encourage you to give it a try.  I was an avid coffee drinker (for the taste not the energy, got enough of that already) and don’t even miss it.  Putting hot water with lemon in your body first thing in the morning wakes you up, creates clarity and focus, stimulates the lymphatic system/liver/kidneys/digestion, and of course the obvious hydrates.  You can’t beat that freshy lemon smell first thing in the morning.  Detox is off and running and with a painless start.  I will continue to share the experience in a series of posts including some recipes that I love and changes I experience.  Stay tuned.

Just add water

Just add water